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WordPress development
WordPress is considered the world leader in content management. The flexibility and versatility of the platform is why we love WordPress. Due to the versatile design types, there are countless possibilities to create and manage individual websites without spending a lot of time and money.

UI development
Are you building an application or program that needs elegant interactive effects? We can develop the UI elements including functional navigation, frameworks and animation effects.

Responsive Web Development
Responsive Web Development is an approach that allows a website to split smoothly across multiple screen sizes and platforms, be it a computer, tablet or mobile device. This allows the website to be optimised for each platform, both in terms of navigation, readability and loading time.

Mobile development
Do you need a website or application specifically for mobile devices? We can create a bespoke website or application designed for your mobile audience. With more and more people accessing the internet via mobile devices, it’s a good idea to get a head start in this area.

Portfolio websites
Portfolio websites are very close to our hearts. We have great respect for artists and musicians and know how to make their work accessible to the world.

HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery
We build things that are long-lasting, while embracing new and emerging technologies. Some clients may not want all the bells and whistles. We can also use plain old CSS/HTML if that’s what you need.

User interface design
User interface design includes elements that allow the user to interact effortlessly with a product. We know how to design navigation, rollover effects and icons to enhance the user experience.

Web design
Designing for the web encompasses a variety of solutions, such as web design compositions, banner ads, landing pages, microsites and more. We pride ourselves on designing every pixel with precision.

Responsive web design
Responsive web design means thinking ahead. How does your design scale? Do elements change as they get smaller? We consider these factors when working on a responsive design.

Branding & Identity Design
Are you looking to refresh your brand, or maybe you’re just starting out and need a logo to get your name out there? We can help you build your brand and increase awareness of your business or product.

Creative content
If your website is boring, no one will visit it. We specialise in delivering content with flair. This can be in the form of well-composed photos, custom icons or well-written headlines.

Captivate your audience
Whether using graphics or words, it’s important to get your message across. We can help you craft your message both visually and verbally.

Startup packages
We love working with startups. We can be your partner and help you grow your business. Traditional packages start with branding and simple websites.

Analytics and SEO (search engine optimisation)
Where do your visitors come from? How can you direct these visitors to your website? These are questions we can help you answer. We set up some kind of analytical tracking, and provide solutions to help search engines find you.

It’s smart to advertise or market your product. We can provide electronic ads, print ads, press kits or PDFs to help you get the word out about your product.

Social media
We know the way to get you known on Facebook.

Sie planen einen persönlichen oder beruflichen Internetauftritt, oder möchten Ihre bestehende Webseite einfach nur etwas auffrischen und responsive[*] gestalten?
Sie suchen Informationen und Beratung rund um die Themen Webdesign, Internet oder weitere IT Dienstleistungen?
Mit unseren individuellen Beratungsleistungen aus einer Hand sind Sie genau an der richtigen Adresse.
[*] Responsive bedeutet die einheitliche Darstellung einer Webseite auf Desktop, Laptop, Tablet und Mobiltelefon.

Sie haben anspruchsvolle Ideen oder W√ľnsche und wollen spezielle Ziele erreichen, ohne dabei etwas dem Zufall zu √ľberlassen?
Wir planen, konzipieren und setzen Ihr Projekt individuell um.
Gemeinsam mit Ihnen und unserem umfangreichen Know-How schaffen wir eine repr√§sentative Basis f√ľr Ihren erfolgreichen Internetauftritt.

Sie wollen ein ausgefallenes Design oder doch eher etwas Klassisches f√ľr Ihren Online-Auftritt?
Egal wie Sie Ihre Webseite, den Onlineshop oder die eigene Social Media Seite gestalten wollen, wir machen es möglich und bringen kreative Innovationen mit ein.
Vertrauen Sie uns Ihre Ideen an und lassen Sie sich von unseren Entw√ľrfen √ľberraschen!

We keep an eye on your goals! Promise!

Use standards

As a development tool, we use the world's most popular and most widely used development platform for CMS applications, WordPress (CMS: Content Management System, a software for collaborative creation, editing, organisation and presentation of digital content mostly for use in websites). Due to the versatile design types, there are countless possibilities to create and manage individual websites without great cost and time expenditure.

Internet Provider

The key question is the choice of internet provider. If you already own a domain, it must be clarified in advance whether your provider supports the systems we use. We have been working successfully with a wide variety of providers for years. Since each provider now offers packages specially tailored to the individual needs of each customer, it is important to find out what is best for you. We will be happy to make you an offer according to your requirements. Switching your existing domain to a new service provider is also no problem for us.

Small flexible team

Short information and decision-making paths are important to us. That's why we work with a small team of freelancers who can be acquired by us depending on the needs and complexity of the projects. Nevertheless, we stick to our "one source" strategy, which means you have only one contact person for the whole project. This ensures that costs remain controllable at all times and that important information is not lost.

About us


fraro-consulting was founded in 2006 in Kaltenkirchen, Schleswig Holstein. At that time, the main focus was on supporting small and medium-sized enterprises in all areas of data processing. Over the years, the need for web-based online applications crystallised more and more. The quintessence of this was the founding of fraro-webdesign, which established itself extremely successfully in the market. In 2011, fraro-consulting and fraro-webdesign were merged with the opening of a branch office on Gran Canaria. Since then, both companies have been operating under the name fraro-webdesign. The main focus is on the creation and support of high-quality websites, which are characterised by a modular and flexible structure. However, we place special emphasis on the individuality and support of each website. 

fraro-webdesign, Activities in 2023

and more WP Themes + Plugins

Our main focus

Whatever type of web presentation you need, we will be happy to advise and support you in your decision. Talk to us.

Analysis / SEO

Any problems?

Take advantage of our WordPress maintenance service!

WordPress update & security check

  • One-off service
  • For non-hacked sites requiring maintenance
  • Backups
  • Short inspection, updates & protection
  • Final report

Only one-time 79 ‚ā¨, or ask for our maintenance service!


The following prices are basic prices for new standard applications. 

Contact us and we will configure your new system according to your wishes.




Application design examples

In addition to the structure of this page, which already contains a large amount of the most diverse stylish elements, we naturally also offer typical website layouts, for example for:


No problem, we will find the right domain with you and suggest various providers who can map your wishes. You don’t need to worry about anything. We accompany you through the entire process.

We carry out a detailed analysis for each website and then decide together with you to what extent an implementation is practicable and sensible. We do not programme isolated solutions into existing systems!

We create a specification according to your specifications and implement it. You will be informed accordingly about the individual project stages. Regular telephone / online conferences guarantee no loss of information.   

The packages can be extended at any time within the scope of the corresponding possibilities. However, the objective should be defined beforehand in order to avoid unnecessary expenditure of time and money. It makes little sense to start with a simple landing page if the actual goal is a shop solution.

The website / domain belongs to you with the registration to your contact details. However, we reserve the right to be registered as administrator of the site in order to be able to carry out necessary development and maintenance work.

Smaller, necessary changes, adjustments and extensions are included in the service. Furthermore, we carry out weekly data backups and system-related updates to ensure the functionality of the website. Since a website is “alive” by experience, the originally requested version will quickly change due to new requirements. Fundamental changes, however, remain excluded from the maintenance service, they are offered separately.

Before the service guarantee expires, we will be happy to make you an offer for an individual maintenance agreement.

All our developments are based on the WordPress standard.

our latest projects

A-Z Sicherheit & Event GmbH, a North German company from the security and event industry, needed a landing page for a new company presentation. With the redesign of the website, a change of provider was aimed at at the same time, which meant a considerable financial saving in terms of duration and performance. The entire project was handled by telephone, from the service description to the acceptance. In October 2020, the site was completely overhauled and, at the client's request, given a completely new design.


Persson Naturstein S.L.U. is a medium-sized Swedish construction company based in Gran Canaria. The task description included a 1-to-1 conversion from an existing modular website to a WordPress-based extended landing page. In this context, the page was also converted to be SEO-ready and now ranks among the first displayed search results in the web ranking. With this task, a Polylang version in Swedish and German was implemented at the same time. A connection to an existing Facebook page is in preparation.


tenriffaapartment.de is an extended landing page that includes a presentation of a tourist holiday accommodation in the north of Tenerife. A reservation overview and a booking system, both in the front- and backend, were implemented.
The entire system is modular and multi-client capable, and can be easily expanded at any time. Further features to increase customer communication are in preparation and will be installed soon after consultation.


Xpress 24 Ltd. is a special service company from the logistics / transport sector based in England. The focus was on the complete revision and adaptation of the existing website using a contemporary CMS system. In close cooperation with the client, a completely new structure was set up, which also includes new communication methods via WWW.

The website is multilingual and available in German, English and Spanish.

Unbenannt - 2

DISASEC S.L., a subsidiary of the northern German A-Z Sicherheit & Event GmbH was founded on Tenerife in autumn 2022. The basis for the website was to be the already existing internet presence of A-Z Sicherheit & Event GmbH. In addition to the design and programming, the wish for a multilingual environment, Spanish, English and German. was implemented. The time frame from commissioning to realisation was 2 months.

disalogo Kopie

What our customers say...

The implementation of our wishes went without a hitch. Thanks to the team's know-how, also in business management issues, many aspects were included in the development process that had not been mentioned in our specifications.
Ruth Rohwedder
Great cooperation despite the long distance, but no problem due to the new communication possibilities. Small requests for changes were responded to promptly.
Thomas Frigge
Sales & Marketing
Unfortunately, there is no "thumbs up" in this category. Great ideas, super implementation and very competent contact persons. The whole project was a lot of fun. The relaxed but professional atmosphere certainly contributed to that. Thank you!
Sebastian Kruse
The new website corresponds exactly to our ideas and still offers enough flexibility for the future!
Anne Krebs

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